Google Webmaster Tools : Why You Should Use it On Your Blog

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Google Webmaster Tools logoSorry i didn’t posted for long because i was out for a vacation now as i am back you will get weekly updates as usual.

Google webmaster tools is a free tool developed for webmasters if you are blogger and didn’t know about this tool yet you are lacking a big advantage. It has lots of important tools that will surely help you in blogging it provides lots of valuable information about your blog and what are they lets take a look :

Configuration :Under configuration you will find many option to configure how your blogs crawled by Google.


  • Geographic target : You can set which country you like to target if you have a blog related to united states you can set your geographic target to “united states” this way you will get ranking benefit on local search of google.
  • Preferred domain : Although Google automatically decides which preferred domain to choose but with this option you can tell Google what preferred domain to show in the search result (Like if you want or
  • Crawl Rate : You can customize the crawling rate using this option which will be valid till 90 days. Remember higher you crawl rate the more bandwidth it will going to consume so beware of that too.


Sitelinks : When you search on google some sites have links under their search result leading to different pages of their site it’s generally shown to help user navigate better across your website to save their time Google automatically determines which link to show but if you want some links to be removed by google you can demote that url using this option

Health: Google’s webmaster tools also provides well detail information about your blog’s health.

  • Malware: Malware can hurt your blog and your ranking too so it’s important to know if your site has some malware issues hence webmaster tools can be a great life saver as it alerts you if malware is found in your blog.
  • Crawl Errors: You can check the errors found during crawling it’s also detects broken url in your blog.
  • Blocked Url: You can block specific url from search engine if you don’t want it to be indexed by google.
  • Index Status: Find how many pages of your blog have been indexed by google.

Traffic: Provides Details information about how much traffic you are getting from search engine and also lots of other info’s regarding links to your site.

  • Search Queries: Shows which keywords is sending how much amount of traffic and also it’s keyword positions with an interactive graph apart from that it also tracks the amount clicks that keyword is getting.
  • Links To Your Site: Find which domain has linked to your blog and also the amount of links you get from that domain.
  • Internal links: Internals links are consider good for on site optimization with this tool you can find which content has been linked the most and which have been linked less.

Optimization: You will find some great tools under this which will help you to optimize your blog better

  • Sitemap: You can submit sitemap of your blog hear. Sitemap improves crawling of your blog better.
  • Remove Url: This tool is used remove url or your entire blog from the search engine index.
  • Html Improvement: Detects duplicate titles or missing title tags and other important issues that can hurt your seo.
  • Content Keywords: Finds keywords density of your entire blog which words have been used to what extent.

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