How To Start A Blog

Getting Started In Blogging So you are thinking about starting a blog well it’s a good thing but more experience is needed to take you blog to the next level as a blogger I have made several mistakes just starting of my blog so I have tried to list all the mistakes that I have done at the beginning of my journey so that you don’t repeat the same. More »

Top 20 Reasons Why You Should Blog

Blogging is a common name nowadays if you are not blogging and you seriously think about starting one so here I have listed several reasons why you should consider blogging. More »

Challenges You Will Face During Your Blogging Journey

If you are starting a blog for making some side income then you will be going to face lots of emotional challenges. There are two type of bloggers the first one who loves what he does and More »

Why You Should Create Logo For Your Blog

Blogging is competitive these days and has become a serious business and one who wants to stay in this business has to try every steps to make his blog perfect More »

21 Most Effective Ways To Monetize Your Blog

When you ask any bloggers about best way to increase revenue of their blog the most common answers you will get from them is too increase traffic I too agree with this point but only increasing traffic is not only the way to monetize More »


Buying Plays the Easy Way

There is no doubt that music has taken a huge role in our every day lives. This is really no new development either, as music has played a large part of culture for quite some time now. The latest twist is that copyright laws are being enforced more than ever, which can have complications that many people do not think about. For starters, it is now much harder to get your hands on music without fears of getting in trouble. However, this has led to some new technologies that are changing that. For example, you can buy Reverbnation plays with just a few simple clicks.

This music is bridging the gap between the makers of music and their fans, as it is now simple and efficient to connect directly.

I Wanted to Get More Likes on My Videos

When my business started getting busier, I had the bright idea to make my own commercials. I didn’t plan on showing them on TV though. Most of my customers come from the local college, so I knew they were more likely to look at YouTube instead of a TV. I knew I had to get them interested in my YouTube channel though, and I decided to look into getting more likes so they would want to check my channel out. I did a search to find out the best way to buy youtube likes because I did not want to get them from a company that was not reputable.

I have been in business long enough to know there are two kinds of companies.

Types of Personal Loan

For whatever reason money is an important part of our life it helps us to buy goods and many other important items but we all have faced money problems sometimes we need urgent cash for an important task of for paying of your bills or in an emergency case.

For such instant cash requirement personal loan is the best option to go with such loan you have many benefits first it instantly provides you with bigger amount of funds in a short time frame today their are lots of banks provide loans online so it has decreased paper works.

Unsecured or Payday Loan

Unsecured loans are kind of loans involves no collateral or in another words bank doesn’t keep any thing of value like your house, land or property as a guarantee of your loan but the lender might check your credit history such as your bank statement credit card bills but it doesn’t happen always not all financial institution does credit check. Just like any other personal loans interest rate are high though. Unsecured personal loans posses more risk on the lender side as when default occurs its more hard for them to recover their money that’s why unsecured loans are offer given for smaller amounts.

Secured Loan

If you need larger amount unsecured option is not for you as no banks will take such risk on you for a larger amount, but secured loan have very high limits but you need to put forward some collateral as a guarantee against such loans. Non – movable valuable assets can be great prospect for getting a secured loan because it makes lender much more confident about their loan repayment and in most cases property prices grows with time so it also boost there confidence levels and your chances of getting loan becomes really high.

Importance of Having a Custom Blog Design

Most bloggers often underestimate the importance of using a custom built design and lots of them even tell me that its just worthless investment who cares? There are plenty of free templates available just use anyone of them but wait sorry to interrupt you but you might be skipping the most important aspect of a successful blog.

just check the top notch blogs in the internet why they don’t use any free template ok they have money so they might use premium ones but no they go for custom design the answer is simple just ask yourself there are so many mobile phone companies but what makes people crazy about apple you might never know but you are after the brand name.

And for a blog a good professional design creates your brand

Choosing Web Designing Company: With more then millions of website design company it makes really hard to select the best ones of all if you go with cheaper ones you might don’t get that quality but expensive firms are not budget friendly they charge ridiculously for your project if you believe my words i find dizzain to be the best one out there quality service with affordable pricing.

Enjoy More Subscribers: There is a very popular proverb that says ” First impression is the last impression” these are true with your blog just consider yourself as a blog reader you came across a very professionally designed blog with very neat and clean design you will more likely to hit the subscribe button as compared to the ones with a bad design. That’s why bigger blogs put so much weight on their design.

Boost Your Content Credibility: No, matter whatever you write it might be the best content ever created by you but bad design can ruin all your hard work into sewage you visitors won’t find your content appealing so they might assume your information to be incorrect.

Grab Links: Nobody likes to link to a website that looks like crap just like most boys hit on beautiful girls your blog will often get the link love if it’s looks good.

Compatibility: When you are in web business you can’t let any traffic sources fade away just because of browser issues Yes, your blog might displayed properly on internet explorer but what if your visitors can’t access your blog via firefox then you might be losing hole lot users just because of browsers incompatibility. A good custom designing firms keeps an eye on every browsers and they make sure that your blog works fine with every browser.

Don’t Look Like A Sheep: Have you ever seen a flock of sheeps grazing in the field they all look same to beat your competitors you have look bit unique with custom designing your blog will look different which makes your blog different from the crowd thus more visitors likely to convert into readers.

Biggest List of Dofollow Article Directories With Pagerank

Hi, if you are in seo field you might have heard about article directories and benefits of submitting to various article directories but finding these directories and that too high pagerank ones is very time consuming but not now as i have created a big list of article directories i hope you like it.

Article Directory List 2013 With Pagerank

Pagerank 7

Pagerank 6

Pagerank 4

Pagerank 3

Pagerank 2

Pagerank 1

Right Way Of Doing Article Submission

Submit Original: Many of you love using article spinners don’t you but you never care what happens after all that spinning who cares! Right! but what if i say all your hard work has gone into trash cane, you heard it right the article you have submitted were got deindexed google has been fighting really hard against spam and duplicate content and they really smart in identifying good original content from the bad ones and if that content got deindexed then you won’t get that link juice which you wanted to get.

Have A Long Term Plan: One thing that really irritates me a lot is that webmaster’s don’t have any long term plans while submitting they just want to boost their link profile but wait did you know that the article you are submitting can actually help you accumulate more pagerank in future.

Suppose you wrote an incredible article and submitted on ezine and left it forever but gradually the article was quality enough to pull lots of natural links after 6 months that article itself accumulates lots of pagerank that will flow to your website as your website has been linked within that article.

If that article is live forever it will keep on harvesting links for you for entire life.

Submit on Quality Ones: If you go around and find article directories you will find tons of them but you might want to opt for just quality ones because google not only counts links but also measures its quality so if you just go out and grab links from whatever comes next to you won’t help you in the long run.

Take Advantage of Referral Traffic: Did you know article directories can be your hidden source of traffic just think of this scenario, your website is new and it has hardly any backlinks and authority so it doesn’t rank well for highly searched competitive keywords but these high pagerank article directories can as they have all the criteria of ranking high they are aged and established for years and have good amount of inbound links ranking your article on there domain can be much easier then ranking that same article hosted on your website. An Online Writing Service With A Difference

Today, when i was browsing google to find some alternatives of my current essay writing company i hit upon and after finding it one thing came in my mind “i wish i had found this before” actually the current service which i am using is quite expansive and my budget is limited and with my other expenses i hardly able to afford the current one so i thought of moving up with another alternatives you can check my review below about this company i hope you like them as i do:

10 year experience: You may hire any essay writing companies but the quality never comes out of their work why? Its not that they have bad writers but actually writing is an art that comes only with experience and time keeping that in mind have been around for 10 years and with such vast experience of writing you can guarantee about the the quality of your assignment you are going to get.

Rush Services: What makes a good company is time you give someone money and he completes your work on time exactly the same with giving your orders to these essay writing companies if they fail to provide your assignment on time they can’t be called as good so understand such situations and they are always determine to provide your papers as fast as possible even with most challenging deadlines.

Work On your Demands: I have literately seen many companies hesitate to write at your rules they keep telling you many excuses and provide you assignment with there set of guidelines but this one is different they are not only user friendly but they are ready to work at your set of rules.

Your Desire Writers: So, here comes the best part even with the best companies out there uses random writers for their orders given to them but this creates lots of problem let take an example you ordered an essay from a company “A” and they give this task to one of there writer and after completion they give back your assignment and you really like the work done by there writer so being excited with there quality service you ordered second assignment but this time they referred your project to someone else what happens at this point is that you were expecting the same level of quality that the previous writer did but since your work is given to someone else so at the end the company disappoints you this time with there work.

  • The solution: understand such problem so they have made some changes in their service and now you can select your preferred author and even connect with them directly giving more control in your hand. Now you don’t have to worry about who is writing your assignment as before.

Save You Time By Hiring Best Custom Paper Writing Service

Hi, bloggers today i am going to post something different as being a college student myself i feel really hard to complete, lots of research work given by my institute due to my online job, but its important to keep balance between both scenarios but even if you try your best to give both both of your job equal time but at some incident you can’t able to keep that balance.

I know i am not alone who is facing such issues specially those who do part time jobs like me for some extra bucks but sometimes you can’t handle both the task at the same moment.

At that situation most students try to complete their research paper by doing it fast compromising with the quality but why should you take such risk when you can have your work written not only at affordable price but with professional way with if you haven’t heard about them let me tell you that they have really saved my precious time now i just pay them and they get my job done and if you are also interested to take there services here is my complete review on them:

  • Essay From Scratch:  There are several others essay writing companies out there  but what makes  different is that your work will be original while others simply use pre-made format and hand over the project to you but you won’t get that uniqueness which this company can provide that’s what i like about them.
  • Time Is Important: You have to submit your essay and the deadline is getting closer what if ? your company doesn’t complete your papers on time, who will lose in end. You might get back your money back by claiming refund but your papers were more important then your money and that’s what this company understands and delivers all your paper on right time.
  • Qualified Writers: Quality is the most important aspect with any research papers on any subject, and to fulfill that the company has set of qualified writers from all departments and they know there job very well so you don’t have to put your head in thinking about who is writing your essay, Just sit back and relax and let your work done by professionals.
  • 24*7 Supports: If you have any problem or any queries don’t hesitate to ask as they have bunch of supports staff to assist you with any problems you have.
  • Affordable Rates: Any great service can only be called as great only if they have set there price right most of essay writing companies customers are students, so the company have set there price in such a way that any student can easily afford there service.

Turn Your WordPress Blog Into Directory

When developers built wordpress they just want to create a blogging platform but as wordpress got more and more popular it has emerged as a cms out of a blogging script that has become so powerful that it can be molded into any type of sites.

More and more plugins are being created which are completely changing the way wordpress operates adding new features giving new functionality and more.

Today i am going to share plugins that can transform your wordpress into a feature rich directory that is as good as any other leading directory scripts out on web.

Link Directory Plugin : Create a simple link directory within homepage or any page you like.

  • Special Features: Shows pagerank of the listed websites which is refreshed after every 24 hrs.
  • Not have much template options other then it’s default template.

Conclusion: Overall a simple directory plugin if you don’t want much features just a simple directory this plugin should be the best option for you.

WordPress Link Directory : It’s an easy to Launce web directory plugin just install and go and supports various features.

  • just like link directory plugin it shows pr of the listed websites apart from that it can show the description of submitted links.
  • Reciprocal link detecting : It checks if reciprocal link have been placed on the listed sites.
  • Ability of inform about new submissions to the admin.
  • Compatible with any theme you are using.

WP Link Robot : It’s an advance version of wordpress link directory and support some extra features apart from the basic features of wordpress link directory.

  • Displays not only just pr but also some other features like Alexa ranking, backlinks and number of indexed pages.
  • but doesn’t support automatically update of the above information and you need to manually click on refresh button to update the data.

wpmudev (Paid Plugin 19$): Really powerful Directory plugin at a reasonable rate with lots of features and supports.

  • 350+ Themes and that too of premium quality
  • Can be integrated with your current theme
  • Compatible with latest wordpress version
  • Special Features: Affiliated program through which your affiliates can bring leads to your directory it’s also integrated with this plugin.
  • Pre enabled payment gateway to accept payment.
  • All the basic features of a directory.

Screenshot: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

WPDirectory PRO (paid plugin 39$) : I am bit upset with the price which is quite high but it has some unique features which can’t be skipped.

  • Claims a 7 day money back.
  • Three level of listing basic, premium and sponsored with multiple currency support which is also a unique feature.
  • Various payment gateway
  • Custom fields : Good option if you want some more information from the submitted website.
  • Easy to customize

Demo ! Screenshot

Outside a broad downright rots the laughing luxury.

Google Webmaster Tools : Why You Should Use it On Your Blog

Google Webmaster Tools logoSorry i didn’t posted for long because i was out for a vacation now as i am back you will get weekly updates as usual.

Google webmaster tools is a free tool developed for webmasters if you are blogger and didn’t know about this tool yet you are lacking a big advantage. It has lots of important tools that will surely help you in blogging it provides lots of valuable information about your blog and what are they lets take a look :

Configuration :Under configuration you will find many option to configure how your blogs crawled by Google.


  • Geographic target : You can set which country you like to target if you have a blog related to united states you can set your geographic target to “united states” this way you will get ranking benefit on local search of google.
  • Preferred domain : Although Google automatically decides which preferred domain to choose but with this option you can tell Google what preferred domain to show in the search result (Like if you want or
  • Crawl Rate : You can customize the crawling rate using this option which will be valid till 90 days. Remember higher you crawl rate the more bandwidth it will going to consume so beware of that too.


Sitelinks : When you search on google some sites have links under their search result leading to different pages of their site it’s generally shown to help user navigate better across your website to save their time Google automatically determines which link to show but if you want some links to be removed by google you can demote that url using this option

Health: Google’s webmaster tools also provides well detail information about your blog’s health.

  • Malware: Malware can hurt your blog and your ranking too so it’s important to know if your site has some malware issues hence webmaster tools can be a great life saver as it alerts you if malware is found in your blog.
  • Crawl Errors: You can check the errors found during crawling it’s also detects broken url in your blog.
  • Blocked Url: You can block specific url from search engine if you don’t want it to be indexed by google.
  • Index Status: Find how many pages of your blog have been indexed by google.

Traffic: Provides Details information about how much traffic you are getting from search engine and also lots of other info’s regarding links to your site.

  • Search Queries: Shows which keywords is sending how much amount of traffic and also it’s keyword positions with an interactive graph apart from that it also tracks the amount clicks that keyword is getting.
  • Links To Your Site: Find which domain has linked to your blog and also the amount of links you get from that domain.
  • Internal links: Internals links are consider good for on site optimization with this tool you can find which content has been linked the most and which have been linked less.

Optimization: You will find some great tools under this which will help you to optimize your blog better

  • Sitemap: You can submit sitemap of your blog hear. Sitemap improves crawling of your blog better.
  • Remove Url: This tool is used remove url or your entire blog from the search engine index.
  • Html Improvement: Detects duplicate titles or missing title tags and other important issues that can hurt your seo.
  • Content Keywords: Finds keywords density of your entire blog which words have been used to what extent.

Visit Google Webmaster Tools

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10 Killer Ways To Increase Twitter Followers

twitter logo map 09Twitter has become new demand for any online business, People are spending hundreds of dollars on eBooks to find ways to increase their twitter follower but most of these eBooks are just waste of time and money here i am going to reveal effective methods that will surely increase your twitter followers count and that too for Free!!

Before you dig down further you need to understand your followers confused!! about why you need to?

Let’s take an example if you have 300+ followers and still no one interacts to your tweets, and your tweets are just getting skipped out unnoticed. Would you like that? Is that what you want?

So you need to follow certain rules that will ensure your tweets to get the value that it deserves…

Find Targeted Audience: No one will going to react to your tweets if they are not interested in it. You need to get right audience that needs what you are cooking and for that you can browse various twitter directories where twitter accounts are listed according to categories just browser to your niche and you can get your targeted twitter followers profile info. Here are some of my favorite directories :

  • : A simple twitter directory where you can search twitter profiles according to their tags.
  • : It has a special feature called seeds which are used as an incentive which you can give to others to make them check your twitter profile same way you can earn seeds by checking other peoples profile you can set the number of seeds you want to reward others.
  • : A twitter directory powered by ientry network it works like a search engine of twitter which crawls and indexes twitter profile thus you will going to find huge number of twitter profiles here.

Tweet Bombing : It’s good to be active on twitter but don’t just start bombing your tweets to your followers this will going to irritate them soon and they may unfollow you as a result. Tweet at a constant pace and specify your followers how much tweets they are going to receive if they follow you to avoid surprising them which they are not ready for.

Stop The Flow : Many people fail to increase their twitter followers as they focus all their effort in getting new followers rather then maintaining the current ones, as a result they do get new followers from one side but at the same time old ones leaves them from the other side.

Use Large Twitter Button : Don’t aspect your visitors to look and click at your small twitter button which you have placed at your footer, people are more likely to skip that!! so make sure to use large buttons and that to at some noticeable area to get more hits to your twitter profile.

Writing Twitter Bio ( Be Clear ) : Your bio in your twitter profile is your first impression so be clear in your approach your bio must contain answer to these questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What You do?
  • How much tweets you use to share every week?

Avoiding All About Business Attitude : It may be true that you own a great business but tweeting all about business is not going to help you in the long run be entertaining sometimes tweet about something else it can be some good jokes or entertaining video so that people never get bored with your tweets.

Find Some Twitter Content : Some content are shared and liked more on twitter explore some nice blogs and find those content that are tweeted the most and share those content.

Utilize Your Current Network : Ask your friends, family members or your co workers to follow you on twitter if you think for some moment about how many people you know in your life you will going to come up with a huge list of people. Knowing someone doesn’t mean you have to know that person well it can be the guy that you meet few days back at some coffee shop.

Unleashing Twitter Counter : People have tendency to follow the crowd if you don’t believe me just go out with three of your friend at the roadside and all of you look at the sky make sure others watching your activity then you will notice that the people near you will also look at the sky and more weird thing about this event is that you have not ask them to do that but still they have followed what you do so there is something physiological with the crowd effect if you gain 150+ followers just add a twitter counter and let this effect do the rest.

Automated METHODS

If you don’t have time to promote your twitter profile you can also leave these task to these powerful software:

    • tweeternaire : Sends message of your choice to new twitter users, recognize fake accounts, searches and follows others automatically and many other features.
    • twtdominator : Although it lacks some of the features of tweetnaire but it has a unfollow feature which unfollow those who didn’t follow you back.

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Outside a broad downright rots the laughing luxury.

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